Speciality PU foams

Catering to the needs of our highly esteemed customers we are dealing in Industrial Foams. In this line of products, we offer Polyurethane Foams(PU Foams). This entire range of consignments is manufactured with modern techniques. Therefore, our PU Foams are widely used in packing, sealing and vibration damping. We have installed various latest tools in the manufacturing unit to make flawless foams. The quality controller team of our organization check the foams on the basis of various parameters. 

Take a Sneak-Peak into our PU Foams

Fire Retardant

Density:   40D, 60D & 80D

Description:  Polyurethane Rigid Foams

Application: Used Thermal Insulation, Falls Ceiling, F.R.P. Partitions and Doors & Etc., 

Re-Bonded Chipped Foam

Re-Bonded Chipped Foam

Density:  650, 850, 110D, 165D

Description:   Re Bonded Chipped Polyurethane Foam

Application:  Used as Mats in Clean Room Applications, Automobile Industry, Auditoriums, Packaging Industry, Mattresses & etc.

conductive foam

Conductivity Foam

Density:   26D, 32D, 45D

Description:  Polyurethane Foam Conductivity Foam Comply with R.O.H.S. Directive 2002/95/E.C.

Application:  Used in E.M.I. Shielding, in Electronics Gadgets Etc., 


Breathable P.U. Foam

Density:  26D, 32D & 45D

Description:  Polyurethane Foam with Breathable PU Film Composite. 

Application:  Used as  Insulation in D.G Industries, Automobile Industry, As Mats in Automobiles, Packaging Industry, High end Fire Retardant Mattresses & etc. 


Profile/Dimple Foam

Density:   18D, 22D, 32D & 45D

Description:  Polyurethane Foam with Fire Retardant(Class HF1 as per U.L94), Normal Foam, Antistatic Foam Comply with R.O.H.S. Directive 2002/95E.C

Application: Used as  Insulation in D.G Industries, Automobile Industry, As Mats in Automobiles, Auditoriums, Packaging Industry, High end Fire Retardant Mattresses & etc.

anti static pu foam

Anti Static Foam

Density:   24D & 32D

Description:  Pink Color Anti Static Polyurethane Foam

Application:  Used in Packing of Electronics Equipments


Die Cut Foam

Density:   18D, 23D, 32D & 40D

Description: Polyurethane Foam with Fire Retardant(Class HF1 as per U.L94) and Normal Foam

Application:  Used as  Automotive & Packaging Industries. 

Rigid Foam Foam

Density:    40D, 60D & 80D

Description:  Polyurethane Rigid Foams  

Application:  Used Thermal Installation, False Ceiling,  F.R.P. Partitions, Doors etc. 

Semi-Rigid Foam

Density:  32D & 45D

Description:   Semi-Rigid Foam with Excellent Hardness

Application:  Used as Acoustic Insulation in, Automobile Industry, Auditoriums, Packaging Industry. 

commercial grade normal foam

Commercial Grade Normal Foam

Density:   18D, 22D, 26D, 32D, 45D

Description:  Commercial Grade Normal Polyurethane Foam with Variant Colors in Sheets and Blocks.

Application:  Used in Seating, Mattresses, Packaging, Furniture.


Foil Laminated Foam

Density:   18D, 23D, 32D & 40D

Description:  Polyurethane Foam laminated with 12/7 micron aluminum foil 

Application: Used as  Roof  Insulation, General Thermal Insulation and for Clean Room Application. 

Acoustic Foam 2

Acoustic Foam

Density:   32D & 40D

Description:  Polyurethane Foam with open cell. 

Application:  Used as  Acoustic in Auditorium, Theater, Cinema Hall & etc. 


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