We provide die-cut foam in custom-cut shapes and configurations for a broad range of applications and industries. At the present time, we are internationally recognized as a die-cut foam expert and a leading supplier of this type of component.

Many substrates are available in both closed cell and open cell configurations. Depending on your application, we’ll find the foam solution to meet your needs.

With Dhanya Industries providing your die-cut foam, you’ll enjoy the benefits of:

Overall decrease in manufacturing costs: 

·       Freedom to focus on other production areas
·       Delivery of ready to use foam components
·       Elimination of rework and scrap costs
·       100% usable die-cut foam parts
·       No production bottlenecks on large foam parts orders
·       Die re-ruling cost savings
·       Machinery and maintenance costs reduced
·       A dependable supply of stock materials

Often we can use off-cut material to further decrease your form part costs. Our rapid quote response time provides accurate and quick pricing information for your foam die cutting requirements.

Moreover, our custom foam laminating capabilities allow us to apply pressure-sensitive adhesives in specific areas that meet your exact specifications.

You can rely on Dhanya’s precision equipment and production processes to provide foam components that are consistent, and precisely what you need.

A few examples of materials include:

  •  EAR Isoloss® Urethane Foam
  • EAR Isodamp® PVC Foam
  • Rogers Poron® Cellular Foam
  •  Polyester Foam
    Uniroyal Ensolite Foam
  • Laminated foam both closed cell and open cell
  • Volara
  • Cellular Rubber
  • Neoprene
  • Ether foams
  • EPS Foam Expanded Polystyrene

For many purposes, we use this type of foam including protecting products for packaging and shipment, energy-saving sealing products, orthotic shoe inserts, sleep products, cushioning for noise and vibration control and more.

 Whatever your application we can develop a die-cut foam that is precision designed and cut to meet your exact specifications. Service and quality are the keys to our success.

 We deliver the material you want, where and when you want it. Thus, we want to be your value-added die cutting partner. No job is too large or too small. The most important thing is that 100% satisfaction.

Call us at 9845427172 to discuss your application and die-cut adhesives needs.

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